DesignCoz: The Need for Product Innovation and User Experience Design

CIO Vendor There is an exponential increase in competition across industries today. Every business works hard to create a niche for themselves. The touch points a customer interacts with, either digitally or in real life, are endless. Think of an e-commerce experience; everything from the website, retail checkout process, the delivery time to the hassle free refund policy requires attention to detail. Today’s customers are spoilt for choice. Their expectations are high and requirements change frequently.

With such accelerating change and demand, differentiation through innovation is imperative for success. Companies are realizing the value UX designers bring to both the customers and their business. DesignCoz was thus founded with an aim to bridge the gap and unlock new value through innovation. The team has a creative approach to problem-solving and places the user at the center of all experiences. They challenge conventional behaviours, break stereotypes and introduce fresh thinking to help businesses grow.

Handling projects end-to-end
DesignCoz specializes in UI/UX design with expertise in enterprise applications, mobile applications and software designing. The company takes pride in completing 45 projects across multiple business domains like finance, healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, supply chain management, furniture, parenting, banking, education, fashion, data analytics, and machine learning etc. Right from business understanding, strategy planning, requirement analysis, user journey mapping, information architecture, persona building, wire framing, high fidelity mockups to a clickable prototype, the company delivers projects end-to-end. CEO of the company, Devina Coutinho, says, “We position ourselves as an in-house design consulting team that takes care of all business requirements for a client.
We are preferred as we have experience across varied domains, are productive from day one, are detail oriented and are innovative, flexible and cost effective.” DesignCoz understands the work dynamics of different sized businesses and works like an in-house core team ensuring a win-win situation for both. The company’s designers work both on-site and off-site, ensuring smooth delivery of quality projects to the client.

Deploying scalable enterprise applications with simplistic design
Business knowledge goes a long way in the UX design industry. It’s important to understand both the goals of the company and the needs of the target audience, and to align these when coming up with design solutions. There is an ever-changing requirement for applications to upgrade seamlessly and adjust to new use case scenarios. The applications are designed in a way to ensure effective problem solving while reducing the complexity of the workflows. The company plans its application to derive two end results: better design for scalability and better development strategy for deployment. The designers are technically sound and attend sprint meetings. They oversee product development to ensure that there aren’t any feature creeps and help make refinements to the design as and when necessary.

The Foolproof Methodology
Work at DesignCoz involves research, testing, business analysis and project management. They combine deskbased and field research to get a full picture of who the user is. This enables them to pinpoint the core features and draft the user personas. Once each persona is detailed, the content is refined, the information architecture and site map is worked upon. After paper prototypes come wireframes, user testing and plenty of iterations. Wireframes get transformed into interactive designs where users can navigate between the different pages like they will with the final product. Next comes the visual design where mockups include the final imagery, colour, and typography. The designs are pixel perfect and show exactly what the product will look like when development starts. After product launch too, there are refinements, small changes, new releases, feedback to gather and analytics to discuss with the teams.