Bridge UX Design Studios: Designing Solutions that Support Organizations’ Strategic Initiatives

CIO Vendor A common misconception that prevails across business segments is that UI-UX simply makes applications look better. Even as investments into these areas continue to grow, a few acknowledge UI-UX as a strategic partner when in fact they are fundamental to a product’s success. Ramesha Ponnuswamy, a seasoned professional who has been a part of the UX industry for over 16 years, working closely with start-ups, midsize as well as Fortune 500 companies noticed this gap between the technology and businesses which ultimately motivated him to make his own attempt to bridge them. Together with Geetha Ramesha, Ramesha Ponnuswamy founded Bridge UX Design Studios, a Bengaluru-based end-to-end digital product design agency that has embarked in the domain with the goal of creating breathtaking customer experiences with web and mobile applications.

Simplifying the Complexities
Strategy and consulting for the web, mobile and TV apps, e-commerce sites, responsive designs, accessibility consulting, interactive prototypes, wearable apps are a few among Bridge UX’s wide array of services. The solutions delivered by the company seek to simplify complexities and satiate all organization goals while assuring enhanced ROI for the client. Highlighting the position of Bridge UX in the market, Ramesha delineates, “From start-ups to enterprise solutions, the apps we produce support our clients’ strategic initiatives through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for both web and mobile.
We take care of the complete product lifecycle from the requirement phase and extend our support to the client throughout the launch and after-launch of the product.”Following the demand for seamless user-experience across devices, responsive web designs have garnered immense popularity. Bridge UX's approach to Responsive Designs captures this essence perfectly. Setting the performance budget, optimizing the images are some of the steps followed by the company while creating responsive web designs.

The skilled team at Bridge UX further works to enable compression and strategically excludes unnecessary page elements. Ramesha adds, “We pick up the right hosting solution. In the case of static content, we use a content delivery network.” When it comes to prototypes, Bridge UX acknowledges the critical role the process plays in gauging the viability of the final product. Hence, the company works with the powerful and advanced prototype tool, Axure RP. With high interactive capabilities, the tool enables designers to evaluate and design prototypes in alignment to specific requirements. Be it a single module or an entire application, Bridge UX brings user interface design to life while significantly reducing the overall development time.

Contributing to the UX market
Speaking about the Bridge UX team, Ramesha shares, “Our team is our treasure. It’s made up of hand-picked experts who have delivered awardwinning websites and applications. We care about building products that connect.” In addition to its services, Bridge UX has been actively contributing to the market through the Bridge UX Academy, an institution dedicated to helping budding UX designers grow into industry-ready experts. Bridge UX Design Studios is also set to a launch UX jobs portal, christened that can be expected to connect organizations with the right talent.