Corporate Motion Pictures: Building Responsive Mobile Apps with Engaging UI Experiences

CIO Vendor The mobile application market is one of the fastest growing markets due to the huge proliferation of smart phones and the increased penetration of the internet. Research shows that 87 percent of people’s time is actually spent on mobile apps, and hence the look and feel of an application must be uncomplicated yet impressive to ensure a great user experience.

The estimated number of app downloads in 2017 was 269 billion, approximately 33 apps for every person on the planet. All these apps are expected to connect to the end user in terms of usability, design and function. Acknowledging these specific requirements and stepping forward to address them, Chhattisgarh based Corporate Motion Pictures creates apps that are fully responsive with high end graphics, subtle animations and unique logos that combine to form imposing user experiences, to fascinate the end users and keep them coming back to the apps.“Our target is to always create apps that make the users’ life elementary, inventive and enjoyable,” affirms Shreyash Pandey, Founder & CEO, Corporate Motion Pictures.

Enhancing Visual Appeal with Enhanced Graphics and Animation
Since most users find it tedious and uninteresting to read through lines of text, Corporate Motion Pictures tries to combine text with graphics as they believe that the mind retains graphics for a prolonged period as compared to text. The company thereby employs high-end graphics, font style and subtle animations in their apps to enhance the visual appeal along with the right color schemes to captivate the users’ attention. Also, placing the basic function keys as per the Operating System being used; is another significant factor that Corporate Motion Pictures takes into consideration to create a stupendous user experience.
From Ideation to Successful Execution
The ideation process of the application is crucial to completely understand the end purpose of designing the application. Corporate Motion Pictures thus focuses extensively on conducting user research to gain an understanding of what problems or opportunities need to be addressed while developing an app and how well they can be addressed. “Ideas without the ability to execute them are mere exaggerations and execution without ideas is just labor. Most of our work involves equal parts of craftsmanship and strategy as we believe that good ideas are born in the mind and given life by the hand,” adds Shreyash.

Most of our work involves equal parts of craftsmanship and strategy as we believe that good ideas are born in the mind and given life by the hand

Ensuring Zero-Defect Apps with Rigorous QA Testing
In addition to designing experiences, the company also addresses issues of technical glitches, phone freezing and slow down, which may arise after the application is launched. With an awareness of these concerns, the Corporate Motion Pictures team resolves and debugs codes through rigorous quality assurance testing to deliver zero-defect applications. In the event of errors after the release of the application, the team also works on resolving the problem at the earliest by providing free service to the clients. Further, endeavoring to be a onestop shop solution provider to its customers, Corporate Motion Pictures hopes to expand its product portfolio to incorporate AI and IoT based innovations which the enterprise believes will dominate the market in the years to come. The company also envisions expanding into other regions in the upcoming future.