Infragistics: Accelerating Visual Design, UX Prototyping, Code Generation and App Development

CIO Vendor Mobile and web application users today demand a highly attractive interface that is backed by incredible User Experiences. Consequently, UX design companies and designers are looking for consolidated design platforms that can help them deliver flawless apps. Acknowledging these requirements, Cranbury, New Jersey (US) headquartered Infragistics offers Indigo. Design, a unified platform that brings together visual design, UX prototyping, code generation and app development in a single offering. Aimed at design and development teams, Indigo. Design includes the tooling needed to deliver pixel-perfect apps as quickly as possible, without losing focus on UX and more importantly reducing error prone hand-offs across teams.

The goal of Indigo.Design is to deliver the tools and capabilities to drive productivity across all the personas that make up teams charged with delivering amazing experiences to customers. It is comprised of four parts. First, Sketch UI Kits in the form of Sketch Libraries that include components, patterns, and apps; second, the Indigo.Design Cloud includes services for image-based prototyping, collaboration with stakeholders, and unmoderated usability studies; third a Visual Studio Code Extension that generates Angular code from Sketch designs; and finally, Ignite UI for Angular UI includes UI components & controls for high-performance, touchfirst mobile, and desktop web apps that map to the design system and are using by the Code Generator extension.

As companies large and small are looking for ROI everywhere they can, a solution like Indigo.Design saves design and development teams dozens to hundreds of hours – taking a beautiful experience designed in Sketch and ultimately delivering runnable Angular code all while following their defined UX process to ensure the best experience for customers.

End-to-End UX Design Services
Infragistics not only helps organizations in the design phase but also helps them in the end-to-end UX to development life cycle of projects.
This is achieved by employing a 5-step process - Research, Design, Validation, Aesthetics, and Development.

“A successful website or mobile app can be created only when an organization efficiently uses the UX process by including its customers, users, and stakeholders from the initial phase of the project to its deployment,” affirms Rohit Gaur, Managing Director, Infragistics. The company ensures that this can be achieved with the help of its UX experts who are highly experienced in this field and not only that the UX teams, visual designers and developers can implement a UX process successfully by using the Infragistics UX tools, cloud services, and UI frameworks & libraries.

Indigo.Design is a unified platform that brings together visual design, UX prototyping, code generation and app development in a single offering

Battle Tested Tools and Technologies for building
Maintainable Software Infragistics' UX and development experts have worked with global customers across a wide variety of verticals and businesses. They design and build useful, attractive and maintainable software products and applications using their battle-tested tools and technologies. The company has created desktop, web-based, mobile and responsive applications from communications and construction to technology and transportation, including the top 5 global financial organizations. The product pricing policy of Infragistics’ is unique as they use ‘predictable prices’, where the website provides clear and exact price details of the products. Infragistics was founded in 1989 by Dean Guida with a single office in Cranbury, NJ and has now grown exponentially across the globe. It has locations spread across India, Europe, South America, North America, and other APAC countries. The company is currently involved in driving BI and Analytics solutions for on-prem and embedded solutions for India’s largest System Integrators.