Kustard: Deploying Design Thinking and Innovation to Deliver Efficient End Products

CIO Vendor Mobile applications provide a new means to build a company’s brand and retain customer loyalty apart from delivering their specific utility. However, not all applications are successful in achieving this goal. Studies suggest that the common denominator of all the successful applications in the market till date has been its user-captivating look and feel. Now, as the companies have started to realize the importance of design-centric products, they are in constant search of quality designers cum engineers who can deliver the best application experience to the end-users. Kustard Technologies is salvaging businesses with its core capabilities of product designing and engineering. The company helps its clients to come up with an application with robust interface and appealing design. Javed Khatri, Founder and Chief Everything Officer of the company, believes the three core capabilities of designing, engineering, and business-orientation to be the reason behind the competitive edge that the company has gained in the market today.

Methodology the company follows
Most of the application development companies in the market today follow a legacy and time-consuming methodology of building applications. Kustard Technologies has adopted the design sprint methodology; it is an innovative and time-constrained procedure that uses design thinking to deliver the end product efficiently. The company helps its clientele throughout the application development process, right from the brainstorming phase of ideation and exhibition, up until adopting a correct market strategy to reach out to the target user group.
Explaining further, Javed says, “Before commencing on the design, development, and testing, we help the clients conceptualize and identify the right business model.We help them with market research, user interviews, and even do financial modeling on their behalf.” The company values its client relationship along with delivering an aesthetically appealing application with an easy user interface.

Innovation in Products
The company has developed products for some of the big brands in India like TATA, Facebook, Bajaj Electricals and Times Group, to name a few. Kustard Technologies has deployed innovative and impactful products for these companies. The company built a product, ‘Runners Stats’ for TATA Mumbai Marathon and TCS10K Bangalore, deploying machine learning and predictive analytics. This product predicts the finish time of the runners based on the historical data, and also provides interesting facts and stats to the runners. Another product the company has built is EXRUP, a card exchange platform. The SaaS product is basically changing the way people exchange business cards and is enabling people to exchange digital cards over physical cards. In the sports segment, the company prides itself on building ‘HW Cricket’, an application that gives the fastest cricket score in the entire Google Play, as claimed by Javed.

Future Prospects of the Company
Talking about the upcoming products, Javed says, “We are building a platform which has the potential to revolutionize the way we travel.” The company has already built an IoT product with chlorophyll innovation lab which is basically a bot, applying machine learning, algorithm and psychology. “We just married technology, art, and design to come up with something unique. It is the world’s first smart and emotive Mix-O-Bot,” claims Javed. The bot understands emotions and is context-aware. Next, Kustard Technologies is also planning to deploy its expertise in the logistics, matrimonial, fitness and entertainment domains as well.