OutofBox: Ensuring Good ROI through Creative Design

CIO Vendor Successfully understanding and implementing the design philosophy and principles, a food delivery and restaurant search application created a sensation, becoming the indisputable leader in the market. The re-created Design System for the application made all the difference, making many other companies follow the trailblazer’s mantra. However, many businesses are yet to break away from the old way of application development process. The companies have been working hard on the development and neglecting the design aspect.

Outofbox, a design agency, with its presence in Chennai and Bangalore is helping businesses break away from this approach, educating them on the importance of a well designed product. It has already translated creative designs into success for many of its national and international clients. A lot of products after a rigorous development stage get rejected by the investors due to lack of design appeal. A poor design renders the product incomplete while a coherent design lends consistency to the product; appropriate colour, size and content add to the user delight and give the product an everlasting appeal.

Perfectly understanding these factors, Prasanna Jeyasankar, Director of the company believes in revolutionizing the work culture and bringing the indispensable design element to the fore, in the process of product development.

Decision Making and Designing Go Hand in Hand
To complement the understanding of many of its clients on the design aspect, Outofbox makes them aware of the repercussions of a badly done design, which can cost the client more than just financially. The successful applications have more to offer than just the service they provide; and a great design has always been integral to their success story. Implementing a different approach to design and development, Outofbox makes sure to involve its UX designers for design suggestions from the very beginning of the decision making process.

End-to-end design solutions
The agency provides its clients with end-to-end design solutions. Before starting off the project, the company does extensive research into its client’s positioning in their specific industry, their business, target users and their segment. In its extensive research, the agency tries to get comprehensive understanding of the product and the goal it is set to achieve, which helps in developing unique design language for each of its clients, delivering to them the best of results. The agency offers design strategy, graphic designing, and UI/UX designing. Outofbox takes proactive measures and steps to forge a good customer relationship. It provides step by step guidance to its clients, catering to their need for design service. The company has implemented a due process to attend and address the needs of its clients. It is very attentive and quick to respond to any of the client’s queries at any given stage.
Ensuring Good Return on Investment
The agency ensures a good ROI for its clients through a well designed and appealing product. Prasanna Jeyasankar supports the company’s position on the matter saying, “Even before trying out a product, people look at the design. They will immediately have a good impression of the product and would want to try it, if it is designed well.” Outofbox is all set to expand its presence to Delhi and Mumbai.