RedElegant Technologies: Bolstering Business Performance with Innovative UI/UX Design and Analysis

CIO Vendor The User Interface design is one of the most important phases in the software development lifecycle as it determines the prospects of a customer returning to an application/ web page. When designed with adequate familiarity, responsiveness, attractiveness and efficiency, a good user interface design can spell success for an organization by helping them differentiate their products and services in a fiercely competitive market.

However, despite its ability to enhance an organization’s customer engagements, designing good user experiences is no easy task and demands a unique vision, creativity and arduous persistence from designers, along with a good understanding of the end user’s needs. Furthermore, with the emergence of new specializations in UX design such as Virtual Reality, Conversational Design and Voice Interfaces, designers are required to stay abreast of these recent developments to create apt designs that are relevant to today’s technology world.

Innovative UI/UX Design and Analysis capabilities
Perfectly understanding these demands and requisites, Kolkata headquartered RedElegant Technologies steps forward to address them with innovative UI/UX Design and Analysis capabilities, to help organizations meet their business needs and improve profitability. Supporting Design Ideas with Constructive and Artistic Thinking Incepted in 2015, RedElegant Technologies is a Design-first Web and Mobile App Development company that partners with its clients to create impactful designs, to both represent their business and help them connect emotionally with their customers.
A brainchild of two passionate IT professionals, Ranit Sanyal, and Showvhick Nath, RedElegant Technologies was born out of a need to contribute to the anomaly of design ideas and turn these ideas into reality with constructive and artistic thinking. The company thus focuses extensively on creating designs that are clear, simple and user-experience-driven, to aid customers in developing their business strategy within the required timeline. “As a design-first company, RedElegant takes on the complete responsibility of equipping our clients with innovative applications that are driven by engaging UX designs, to meet their specific business goals,” explains Ranit Sanyal, Co-founder and Business Head. The company’s expansive portfolio of offerings includes services for UX analysis, UI Design of Mobile and Web Apps, Visual branding, and Custom mobile and Web app development.

Designing experience driven solutions
When it comes to providing UI/UX design services, RedElegant works on the data gathered through user and client interviews and combines this data with its team’s technical skills to design experience driven solutions. Incorporating proper interface designs and interactions to enhance user delight and reduce bounce rate, the company provides a complete UX solution directed at the client requirements and target audience. Furthermore, during the app development phase, RedElegant employs tools such as Fullstory and Hotjar to continuously monitor the user’s behavior towards the app and then uses the analyzed data to incorporate changes and achieve returning customers. RedElegant also provides end-to-end quality analysis services to its clients, where after every unit implementation, the company’s developers and test engineers work on test cases across the areas of black-box testing, integration testing, compatibility testing, and security testing.

Looking Ahead
Having delivered cutting-edge apps with moving experiences across a number of business verticals, RedElegant has carved a niche for itself in the UI/UX domain. Leveraging this position, the company is currently engaged in project implementations for the Education, IOT, Affiliate, Productivity, and Real Estate industries, where RedElegant hopes to use its design expertise to further optimize customer experiences.