Vrunik: Transforming Ideas and Products through Validated and Faster Innovation Cycles

CIO Vendor As users become more and more digitally enabled, it's imperative for businesses to engage users by providing them with positive experiences across all channels. To drive business growth, it's important for businesses to make a strategic investment in making their products more usable, aesthetically pleasing, and effective to fulfill their user's goals. Vrunik is a user experience and product design firm that partners with businesses to deliver superior experiences to their customers.

Headquartered in Pune, Vrunik, with its design thinking philosophy and user-centred design approach, deploys research based methodologies to architect robust and scalable solutions and deliver visually appealing, functional, learnable and engaging customer and user experiences for its clients' digital needs. Vrunik also helps companies expand their business across new geographies, new customer segments, build multiple channels, understand & engage their end customers through analytics and actionable insights.

`Our strength lies in creativity, design thinking and innovation. We focus on understanding business objectives and users' needs and try to bridge the gap by crafting design solutions that fulfill those needs. Through faster and validated innovation cycles, we have empowered our customers to derive maximum value out of their design investments including faster ROI," affirms Atul Patil, Managing Partner, Vrunik.

One of the most important reasons why Vrunik stands out is their experience design team. Vrunik has an experienced team of UX Architects, Visual Designers, Interaction Designers & Front-End developers who have been successful in creating engaging and usable experiences, helping our customers' products gain a leading edge in the market.

Be it a new product idea, new features, solutions, proof of concepts, existing product modernization, product migration, product localization or an omni-channel experience, Vrunik's team can deploy the right tools, processes,
frameworks and methodologies to come up with a custom implementation plan and an economical engagement mod-el based on the nature of their business need.

Vrunik's experience across multiple geographies and domains enables it to understand users' needs and business requirements with ease and provide valuable inputs saving its customers' time and money.

Through faster and validated innovation cycles, we have empowered our customers to derive maximum value out of their design investments including faster ROI

Vrunik's Expertise
• Product Strategy and Innovation
• Business and User Research
• Persona Development and Mapping
• Conceptualization and Wire framing
• Visual design and Interaction Design
• User Modelling and Prototyping
• Designing efficient and engaging user journeys that simplify complex business problems to simple, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing experiences
• Usability testing

Vrunik has partnered with its customers to craft meaningful and positive experiences that help businesses get an edge in the marketplace across industries like Banking & Finance, Retail (Online & Offline), Manufacturing, Healthcare & Wellness, Education & Training etc.

Vrunik's Approach
• Work closely with customers and their users to under-stand business and users' goals
• Devise a UX strategy helping the customer bridge the gap
• Select tools, techniques and methodologies based on the complexity of the product, budgets, timelines, and business goals of our customer.
• Help customer derive maximum value for their investments

If you're thinking about transforming your business for exponential growth and strategic advantage, Vrunik can prove to be the right partner for you.