20 Most Promising UI/UX Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising UI/UX Solution Providers - 2016

Imagine you have come to a point where there stands two stores. Owing to the shortage of time you can afford to go into only one of them? Which one would that be? 9 out of 10 times, your preferred choice would be the one that looks better. This act of opting for the better presented choice manifests in many aspects of our lives.

As businesses, keeping in pace with the market developments, move ahead to the virtual platform visual aesthetics become a chief identifier from their competition. With an increasing number of softwares and applications being made mobile enabled the competition just got tougher. The mobile platform is revolutionising the market in ways unimaginable. At the same time it has also opened up new avenues for businesses to reach their customers. This is the need that UI/UX addresses. The UI/UX has grown so large that it is able to command credibility for businesses.  However it is important to understand that UI/UX is not merely concerned with good looks. This domain goes much deeper. The ease of navigation, interactivity, usability of user interface and the user experience along with other measures plays a key role.

Opting for the right UI/UX provider can be an arduous task. CIO Review India comes to your rescue with the list of “20 Most Promising UI/UX Solution Providers”. The companies listed here not only excel in UI/UX design but are equipped with subject matter expertise as well. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIOReview editorial team have closely scrutinized and nominated the vendors who in our opinion are revolutionizing the UI/UX market.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising UI/UX Solution Providers - 2016.

Company Name Company Description
AgileSoftLabs A provider of UX/UI design, Web Development, Mobile Development and SEO services
BrandLoom India A provider of UX design services using tools such as goal analysis, buyer personas, workflows, competitor benchmarking etc
Divami Design Lab A provider of UX/UI design like Interaction Design, UI Development, Visual Design, AngularJS, Information Architecture, Usability Analysis etc.
Dunst Consulting A provider of UX Design, Platform Engineering, Application Development, Web and Mobile Technology stacks, Independent Testing
Echidna inc A provider of UI/UX services using Information Architecture, Visual design and User Research
EvolutionCo A provider of UX services using Information Architecture, Usability Research, Experience Lifecycle/Mapping, Wireframes & Prototyping, Interaction Design etc.
Fortune Cookie A provider of UX Design, Design for startups, Usability Analysis, Design Consulting, Website Design, User Research and Product Design services
Grappus A provider of UI/UX design services across various platforms like Mobile Applications, iOS Applications, Android Applications, Web Applications, Cloud Solution etc
ileadfarmers A provider of Lead Generation, UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Storytelling, Persuasive Presentations, Creative Videos and Experience Design services
Innoraft A provider of wireframe creation, creative design, module development, site theming, consulting and Drupal integrated services
Kutung Design Labs A provider of UI/UX services related to Experience Architecture, Process Reengineering Visual & Interactive Design Front-end Development
PeepalDesign A provider of services like User Research, Experience Design and UX management in the UI/UX Design domain
Perdix Business Solutions A provider of UI/UX design services in relation to App Development, Web Development, Animation etc
Prismic Reflections Web A provider of UI/UX services like UX analysis & solution planning, Information architecture, UX based wireframes & clickable prototypes etc.
SocialPanga A provider of services like Mobile UI/UX Design, Web Design and Branding & Communication
UXIndia Studios A provider of UX & design, crafting and training services
Webguruz Technologies A provider of Web Development, Graphics Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Offshore Staffing, DBMS, Networking and Software Testing services
Yellow Slice A provider of variety of design services like Strategic Branding, Product packeging, Exhibition Design, Retail Design, Print & Publication, Packaging Design and website design services
YUJ Designs A provider of UI/UX services ranging from User Reasearch and visual designing to UX development
Zeux Innovation A provider of UX Design, Innovation,UX Training, UX Research & Assessment and Lifecycle Management services