Ogee Studio Inc.: Delivering Innovative UX Solutions for Networking and Security Enterprises

CIO Vendor In an increasingly competitive market, the UI/UX design of business-critical enterprise applications must effortlessly enable users to quickly execute tasks regardless of the complexity of the underlying technology. The design process becomes technically and operationally challenging when building experiences for specialized products in the areas of Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, and Networking. These products support hundreds of thousands of nodes that need to be configured, deployed and monitored. As a result, the organizations involved in designing enterprise security and networking applications today are looking out for exceptional user experiences that are innovative, and unique; with exceptional ease-of-use. They are in need of UX Design partners that can provide them with a holistic ‘system design’ to break down complex processes into simple workflows, while adhering to timeline and budget limits.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, California headquartered Ogee Studio Inc. provides UX design solutions that are innovative and offer exceptional user experiences for Enterprise Security and Networking applications. The UX solutions are designed to be simple and familiar to users of skill levels and all brands of Next Gen firewalls, SIEMs and networking appliances.

A Holistic Approach to UX Design
Since its inception in 2014, Ogee Studio Inc. has been leveraging its strong domain expertise, bringing UX Services for complex business solutions to Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence and Networking clients. The company equips its clientele with a complete product vision and roadmap to help them stay ahead of their competition. It delivers innovative designs for a wide range of solutions including realtime business intelligence, multi-dimensional data analytics and visualization, operational intelligence, networking and on-the-wire security. “What’s most critical to any business involved in designing user interfaces is the effectiveness of the final result obtained from the UX solution provider. A deep understanding of how the end users interact with the systems, subject matter expertise in deploying and integrating systems, customer exposure and the depth of experience, are factors critical to the success of a UX solution,” explains Stephen Flamm, CEO, Ogee Studio.
The company has developed a holistic approach based on an in-depth understanding of end-user behavior and focusing on presenting technical subject matter in simpler terms for easy end-user navigation, designing patterns for large scale, high volume environments and converting these design patterns into intuitive work flows.

Simplicity of Design, Attention to Excellence and Experi- ences that Differentiate
The ‘3 Ds’ Ogee Studio employs in its UX Design & Development process to deliver 360-degree user experience are Discuss, Design and Deliver. Ogee Experts first interact with customers to identify and understand their products’ key value propositions and review their product strategy as well as goals in the marketplace. Following these interactions, the company then conducts a detailed UI assessment of the customer’s current offerings to capture their requirements in detailed use cases. “Our team of designers with a strong foundation in engineering sciences & UX design leverage their domain expertise & design knowledge to create cutting-edge and innovative user experiences,” says Chaitrali Dhole, Director & Principal UX of Ogee Studio.

Our focus, technical background and design expertise clearly differentiates Ogee Studio from other design firms and fuels our growth

Marching Ahead
Moving ahead, the company will expand its practice into related solution areas such as IoT, AI and machine learning where solution providers struggle to create user experiences that deal effectively with large data sets, scaling and creating intuitive work flows that engage users. “Our focus, technical background and design expertise clearly differentiates Ogee Studio from other design firms and fuels our growth,” says Bill Kasje, Chief Operating Officer of Ogee Studio.