UXIndia: Design for Customer Delight

CIO Vendor Most UX design companies today provide UX design services by implementing the various user experience design processes. But in reality not all UX approaches help designers to solve the end-user’s needs. While most of these design companies follow the standard approaches in providing UX solutions to the organizations, Coimbatore based UXIndia through its strategic and reform approach provides user experience and design services that help in solving the endusers’ problems, specifically for the ones who use the final product.

UXIndia – the digital experience design studio does this by engaging the customers in the co-creation process. The team first designs applications based on the customers’ requirements and asks the end-users’ to use the product. Later it takes feedback from them to ensure if all the specified requirements are met. If the users still want some changes to be made, the team then rebuilds the products accordingly. The various stages of the process include cocreation, ideation, testing and Hi-Fi detail designing.

An integrated platform The UI design stationeries and products are highly essential to create awesome prototypes for design ideations. While it is difficult for designers to find such unified portal and communities that help them in obtaining useful resources, the UXDaddy.com of UXIndia meets the designers’ design needs with its integrated platform. UXDaddy provides products such as user flow cards, page building cards and UI stencils that help in creating awesome prototypes. It is also an aggregated platform for blogs, jobs, events and design shopping.
UXIndia was founded in the year 2012 and is the first UX Design studio in Coimbatore. The company is more into the B2B market and works with the medium sized companies on providing UX solutions. It specializes in creating UX design products and services such as design research, design reframe, design staffing and design prototyping.
fing and design prototyping. UXIndia has created web and mobile applications for companies such as Icliniq, Trus Trace, Clearly Agile, Blog Beats, Granite River Labs, Reflik, Mr.Biryani and Asianfab. They have designed and developed various applications for the telecom, healthcare and BFSI domain. UXIndia is a 10 membered team and what makes the company stand out among their competitors is the lean and minimalist approach they follow in designing UX products. “Our team has put in a lot of effort in building the UXDaddy.com which is a unique and unified platform for the UX designers and the design communities. So we are not only providing design solutions to the end customers but we are also focusing on solving the designers’ needs as well,” says Arunkumar Kalyanaswamy, Founder, UXIndia.

we are not only providing design solutions to the end customers but we are also focusing on solving the designers’ needs as well

Arunkumar is from Coimbatore and has around 13+ years of experience in all aspects of UX, User-centered analysis, design and multimedia and has worked for companies such as Odessa technologies, Huawei and Payoda technologies. He has expertise in the User Interface design process and deliverables throughout the development life cycle including requirements refinement, task flows, storyboards, wireframes, hi-fi prototypes and detailed design documentation. With the team’s tremendous effort, UXIndia has successfully completed 3 years and is stepping into the 4th year in their UX design journey.