UXReactor: Turning Ideas into Product eXperiences

CIO Vendor Many brilliant product ideas never make it to the market or miserably fail after launch. This can be a major blow when businesses make huge investments for their development, only to realize later that the solution is not viable or relevant. More often than not the reason is poor User eXperience (UX). Aggravating the situation are the blurred lines between UI (User Interface) and UX, despite the two being clearly distinct areas. Satyam Kantamneni, Co-Founder & Chief eXperience Officer, UXReactor, throws light on it and says, “UX is in its adolescence in the Silicon Valley and in infancy in India. This is probably why it is highly misunderstood. In fact, some of the best experiences have no UI. Besides, the biggest struggle for many organizations is that they know the kind of outcomes they want but do not know how to get there. This is where we step in.”

An Outcome Driven Approach UXReactor is a comprehensive UX firm that helps organizations across verticals turn ideas into deliberate product eXperiences Powered by a unique set of proprietary processes and techniques along with the brightest UX consultants, UXReactor has delivered some of the most usercentric and meaningful solutions. “We break our process into two major segments - Product Thinking and Design Doing,” reveals Satyam. In their attempt to develop visually rich products, organizations frequently deviate from the goal of problem-solving. Product Thinking brings back the focus to the real challenges. Implemented as a part of the company’s - unique PragmaticUX Process, Product Thinking aims to understand the deep needs of the users, through various formative research techniques, followed by ideation and creating an experience roadmap for the organization. Design Doing is when UXReactor begins focusing on the experience roadmap and designing each product experience thoroughly while creating UI where needed.
UXReactor’s provides a service named Zero-to-Hero which offers a minimum viable experience- a prototype of a concept within 8-10 weeks. Satyam shares an instance where the company developed a prototype on top of a client’s hypothesis. When tested in the market, it was realized that the product doesn’t resonate with users. This saved the client from severe losses. While Zero-to-Hero develops products from ideas, the company’s Experience Audit service re-evaluates existing products against various metrics. This helps clients overcome challenges around product adoption, customer satisfaction, retention etc. In addition to the expert review, the company also conducts an advanced audit, whereby users are brought for first-hand feedback.

The biggest struggle for many organizations is that they know the kind of outcomes they want but do not know how to get there. This is where we step in

Trained In-house Talent
Satyam credits the company’s design consultants with being one of the chief factors that strengthen the company. He says, “The design experts are adept in the art of crafting engaging experiences and are products of the UXReactor’s design academy, where they are trained in the PragmaticUX playbook built through their combined experience of over 110 years of designing product experiences”. Healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, cybersecurity, and automotive retail are among the many verticals where the company has delivered impact. Envisioning the future, Satyam opines that the market is increasingly becoming more experience-centric and the company will scale their services in alignment to this growing market.